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Prin$ipled $tand, indeed

You have to check this out. Apparently Stephen Harper's "strong, clear direction" on the current Israel/Lebanon crisis makes him among the "amongst the first of the world's leaders to take a principled stand", and that this
Moral clarity feels a lot better than the endless equivocation we found with our previous government.
And naturally all who oppose such a moral titan are:
opposition parties which "are only interested in maneuvering for party advantage" and are "blindly determined" to topple Mr. Harper's minority government.
Get it? If you disagree with Harper's stand you are "blind" and only interested in "maneuvering for party advantage". Oh, thank you, Mr. Donison for pointing out this Buddha in our midst! I can curl up all comfy and cozy now in the knowledge that "Unca Steve" has everything all figgered out.

Of course it's just the old "yer fer us er agin us", except this time it's tied up with a nice little request for cash donations for the Conservative Party of Canada. Welcome to the new politics.

(h/t to Kris)

Oh fer sure I will be putting some money in ol' Steve's coffers, sure enuff at the next Sunday meetin, unh huh...
count it if you doubt me and you dare!
God sees every sparrow fall, ya know.

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