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Zolf on PMS

Larry Zolf, a newly-minted Stephen Harper cheerleader, tries to distance Harper's foreign policy on the Mid East from accusations that it is just an echo of the US, saying that, au contraire, Harper is returning to Diefenbaker-style or traditional Tory foreign policy values. I will agree with him that the "pro-American" epithet is a simplification, but in a world where the American government has asked all countries to choose sides such simplifications are required, hell, they are requested.

The real question is what is the Canadian electorate going to think of these traditional values. I only speak for myself, but the moral clarity they offer reeks.

Diefenbaker-like foreign policy? What a liar. Dief tried to make Canada more independent of US policy. The Yanks didn't like him for it because he wasn't a traitor. The Harpocrit must make old John spin in his grave!

Larry could never be accused of jumping on a predictable band wagon, could he?
he states;
"When former prime minister Joe Clark decided in 1979 to move Canada's Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, there was a flurry of letters to newspaper editors about "pushy Jews" and "Jewish double loyalty."
I vividly recall the debate from that time and I'm certain, beyond a doubt, the debate involved more than a few letters referring to "pushy Jews" but Larry's view of the then world is a characteristic and predictable defense of Israel by Larry oand others of his ilk; skewing fact and the views of others to paint anything other than complete understanding and forgiveness of Israel's oversights, boo boos and out right cold blooded fucking murder as simple, anti-semitism.
The problem with continuous lying for, protecting and blame shifting is that all those people Larry and friends hold as so stupid as to be forever malleable, will one day say - Oh yeh? Well, FU, Larry. You miscalculate when you assume the silence of others as a clear sign of stupidity. And that well you've continued to dip into at the expense of the rest of us ... that is now closed to you and your friends.

Dief would kick Harper in the butt for his deep shift towards the american mindset. These current tenents of the government front benches are not old style tories. No; we find ourselves with a foreign policy that is very similar to what we could have expected from a Reform Party government.

Larry Zolf, like many conservative pundits, has a very selective memory. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the defense staff asked the government to put the armed forces on alert, as almost every other NATO country was doing. This would have allowed the Canadian Navy to assist the US in the blockade of Cuba, or put Canadian ships in the place of US Navy ships which been called away from their Atlantic patrol stations to enforce the blockade. Diefenbaker, in a typical fit of pique, refused to do so, perhaps to spite Kennedy. The Canadian general staff, considered the situation and put the armed forces on alert anyway. A disconcerting idea in a country that is supposed to have civilian control over the military, but when you have a man of questionable judgement in the PM's chair, an understandable one.

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