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The Ballad of Poor Little Rona

Sometimes, I don't know where stuff like the following comes from, I really don't.
I certainly don't think Ms. Ambrose is blameless in her forced relocation to Intergovernmental Affairs (I may actually get to meet her at some point, and I'm not sure how I feel about that), but the following worked better laying the blame on Steve - better to blame the ventriloquist...
(I'm guessing you can all figure out the tune is from the Beverly Hillbillies)

Well, listen to my story 'bout a gal named Rona,

She had a PM that would not leave her alone-a

Wherever she went, he would hang on like a leech,

And completely disrupt the environmental speech.

Air that is,

Brown Lungs,

Acid Rains

Well the first thing you know there arose a great kerfuffle,

And the poor little lady was the victim of a shuffle,

The whole darn thing busted Rona's little bubble,

In another six months she'll be fetching double doubles.

Coffee that is,

Timbits and honey crullers.

She may be fetching coffee in six months but in the mean time she will be keeping Canada united - what was Harper thinking?

Unfortunately, the country seems to be united on that very question far too often.
I think Ms. Ambrose had the best of intentions, but she was micro-managed out of a job.

It's interesting that Harper is bringing one of his big guns into the department now. I seriously doubt that Baird will bring real program change because he will still have Harper pulling the strings, but he will argue more strenuously.

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