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Here's a Thought....

To all those people who felt compelled to write hate mail to the newspaper, simply for running the story of Ashley MacIsaac's wedding - don't worry, George Takei has a PSA that addresses your fears...

Otherwise, let's try this bizarre concept on for size - if the sight of two men kissing bothers you that much - DON'T LOOK AT IT!!! Or don't buy the paper at all. And if you're opposed to Same-Sex Marriage - don't attend one. Whether you like it or not - SSM is the Law of the Land, and if the Harper Government wasn't gonna make a serious attempt to roll it back, it's not going to be changing.

As for myself, I think I speak for my fellow 'Koggers when I say - Congratulations, Ashley! Personally, I still think you're a bit of a freak, but that has nothing to do with your sexual orientation - and hey, if married life helps you deal with accusations of racism and cocaine addiction, then all the power to you. Just one thing, though - don't run for politics please; Nova Scotia elected one Fiddler to public office, and it hasn't worked out too well...

That's hysterical! Well found, Dan!

And yes, Ashley, congratulations!


As expected, there are those among the Blogging Rednecks that don't seem to feel as positively about the event as you or I. I always find it interesting how horrified homophobes are when they see a picture of two men or two women kissing.

Of course now they try to gloss their revulsion with a "I know it's a free country and all, but...". I suppose that indicates some embarassment on their part, which is a start.

that was amazing. but yeah I'm surprised people aren't more pissed at Peter Mckay instead, with his city mix up. As for Ashley MacIsaac, I actually never knew he was gay, but congrats to him anyways.

Kevin; I figured that after the masterful job Mary Walsh did on him, anything I said would pale in comparison.

Kevvyd: thanks for the link to the Blogging Tory site - you've got a lot more guts than I do to go there, although I'm pleading health reasons - I'm trying to lower my blood pressure....

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