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A scary mix of party/ religion and state

THIS one should prove interesting to all you 'koggers. Ever wonder why our neighbours always come off sounding like a bunch of ignorant, inbred, backwoods cousins? The kind whose parents and siblings happen to be the same people? This interview with author Chris Hedges lays out what he thinks is wrong with the nation inhabited by our cousins to the south, and specifically, what is wrong with the necropublicans. I think the argument is presented well, although, with no data, it is really just an opinion. If this is what Der Harpenfuehrer has in line for us, its time to start looking for that grassy knoll in Ottawa.

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One reason I posted this is because it touches on a number of topics that have been batted around on this blog, from Palestine, to creationism in school, and ties them all together in one neat blame-loaf (as Kevvy would put it) . I think it raises some very fundamental questions about the movement that, apparently, or rather alledgedly, espouses the values of the man who taught all to love thy neighbour, and to turn the other cheek.

I'm definitely going to have to read that book. He is an interesting guy.

I heard him being interviewed on CBC radio, and I think I'd like to read his book too. I just hope he has body guards with him at his book signings.

Dear Graven:

If wishes were horses, then bloggers would be interviewed by John Stewart on the Daily Show, or perhaps The Colbert Report. Der Harpenfuehrer should be dealt with appropriately by the Canadian citizenry - we don't want to be led by a leader who sees himself as being beholden not to the public but rather only God My Father, Who Art Not the Father of All Humanity, But Father to Only Those Who Agree with Me.

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