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Okay, It's Official - Conservatives Really Do Live in their Own Little World...

Even to the point of creating their own version of Wikipedia, called appropriately enough Conservapedia - apparently among their complaints against Wikipedia are that they use C.E. and B.C.E for their dating system, and they actually use gasp - British spellings in some articles - apparently, the concept that those articles were actually written by Britons is too subtle for their acute minds to grasp...

Judging from the intro page to their "pedia", spelling and dates are only the tip of the iceberg. The dates are offensive of course because they are "non-Christian", nay, "anti-Christian" even. No, this is all about creating their own little echo-chamber within which they can feel safe and snug and hear nothing that challenges their own belief-system. Democracy is apparently too much for some people - they need to form their own little enclave to protect themselves.

Hey, is this how political parties were born?

Fact is Canada does use the British spelling. The Americans drop letters, commas, etc. (i.e. neighbour - Cdn; neighbor - U.S.

Why would Conservatives be upset about using British spelling when that is what Canada has always done?

anon -> They're pretty upset now and again about their commie neighbour to the north.

I have learned quite a bit from Conservapedia as I detail here.

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