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Penn and Teller on the Moon Landing HBers

Posting this because it combines 3 of my favourite things - Penn and Teller(Why, oh why won't some Canadian Cable Network carry "Bullshit!"?) Phil Plait of Badastronomy.com, and the always dear-to-my-heart cause of pissing off the Moon Hoax Believers....

Bullshit is on TMN! as well as TMN on demand. Thats a canadian cable company last time I checked...

Not according to the TMN website it isn't.

I'm sorry, I just dug deeper - they ran 6 episodes last Spring, but they don't seem to be planning to show any more.

This is very good stuff, indeed. I'm with you, Dan, we need this on television here in Canada.

As someone who instantly assumes any conspiracy theory is bullshit, this is manna from Heaven. Any ammunition I can shove in a conspiracy theorist's face is golden. Now, hopefully, Penn & Teller will tackle the JFK conspiracy and the 9/11 conspiracy.

We had it on digital cable, on Mentv, until we had to decide which packages to keep. Sadly, the channel was bundled with channel after channel of crap, so it had to go.
I'm in mourning over that - the last one I saw was about PETA.
Who euthanizes thousands of animals per year.

Flash, is that true about PETA? I would kill to see a copy of that one!


Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9ijLulwUTY.

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