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It's A Miracle!

To be an evangelical christian, you would have to be particularly gullible, but I expect even these people would have their limits.

If there is a god (which I doubt), I sincerely hope she's laughing her ass off...

(Many thanks to the equally cynical Ms. Flash, who caught this one.)
(and a h/t to Buckdog, who beat me to this one.)

I'm sure the powers that are behind Mr. Haggard's business, I mean ministry, realized that they had to find a way for him to return to his pulpit. There were earnings slipping away and there had to be a way to wash away his sins so he could once again be bringing in the donations. Fitzgerald was wrong about second acts.

Alex - actually, according to the article, Haggard's going to be moving away and into secular work - so it's probably less about curing him so he can bring in the donations as it is 'curing' him so they can claim triumph, and get a potential embarrassment out of sight.

I think it shows how naïve and/or delusional these folks are.

I'm sure Haggard will find a way to make a buck out of this.


Oh, I'm sure he will - I foresee a national speaking tour. I was responding to the initial remark that this was a setup to return Haggard to the pulpit of his old church - judging from the article, that's not going to happen, of course, I could be wrong - I don't make any claims to predict the future with any degree of accuracy.

I stand corrected. I made a quick comment without checking the article. I sometimes shoot from the lip.

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