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Canada Post wants to know what to call it's new $1-million, 100 kg coin. Oh, I don't know, how about a vulgarity? A stupidity? Or, riffing on the past head of the mint, an entitlement?

How long until someone designs a poker machine for it?

Wow. Just wow.

What about calling it the Bad Math coin? At 100 kg, it will have $2,395,807 (USD) worth of gold in it.

"The Royal Canadian Mint has recently lost some of its competitive edge in the industry with the introduction by other competitor Mints of 99.99-per-cent gold bullion coins," the filing said. The new coin "would create market visibility and excitement for the Royal Canadian Mint as it would be the world's largest, purest and highest denomination gold coin."

Bad Math indeed. I never realized that the Mint was involved in competetive business. I think I was happier living in ignorance.

I dunno, Prelude to Revolution has a nice ring to it.

Maybe somebody will drop it in a hat on Queen West, but I doubt it...

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