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Harper and Ambrose have to make up their minds

Or, rather, Harper has to make up his mind and hers as to what it is they plan to do about Kyoto. As this summary article points out, the time to act on all issues related to global warming is now. It is well known that Conservatives and their NCC backers are no fans of the Kyoto Protocol because it means taking the economy in a fundamentally different direction than they have been planning. Unfortunately, their plans are decidedly Victorian in nature, and this is a modern problem.

As for the Liberal Party, you smug Liberal bastards have to own up to the fact that in twelve years of power you signed up for international agreements like Kyoto with no intention of ever doing anything to own up to them. We lag behind the United States on CO2 emissions thanks in part to the gutless "money-first" policies of the Liberal government. At least the United States has had the honour to come out and say "we disagree with this and won't sign it", rather than signing it and slinking away to quietly ignore it.

Unless your outrage over Harper's statements on Kyoto are prefaced with a "we're sorry", save your breath.

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