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"It's too dangerous for us to go in there alone"

- Iraqi Army commander, Tassin Tawfik on why Iraqi troops were waiting for American support before recovering 30 beheaded bodies found in Baghdad.

Still more doubleplusungood news for the optimistic Right to digest. So what is it that you guys are doing to keep those blue sky smiles? Condi, is it the early morning workouts? Dick, is it shooting old men? George - it's the mountain biking, isn't it? Adam - it's the sight of your name in other blogs, isn't it?

Seriously, whatever it is that you guys have been smoking or drinking, I want it. I want lots of it. I think we could even use it to power cars and stuff. Hell, that shit must be so strong you could power rocks with it.

Oh, wait, I know what it is...

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