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Into Each Life, A Little Rain Must Fall

Or if you're the Liberal Party, a Golden Shower. Yes, Ashley MacIsaac's announced he's running for the Liberal leadership. Actually, he's a perfect fit - he's been living a Liberal lifestyle for years - Liberal drinking, Liberal drug use, Liberal sexual practices. And who better to speak to Canada's minorities than the man who insulted them all at a New Year's Eve concert several years ago? Seriously, though, at least, unlike Paul Martin, we know Ashley's got cojones grande - we've all seen them on Conan O'Brian...

I've noticed I seem to be on the same page as you guys fairly often.
Our blogs are probably the only ones on the net today that use the phrases golden shower and liberal leadership in the same posts!

We should support each other...
Link to me and I'll reciprocate.

Also, you may want to join a new roll I've set up- Canadian Iconolcasts. Lemme know!

I will have to wait until I'm my home computer to google "golden shower" and "liberal leadership", but I expect you are right!

I just prowled around your blog - consider it linked. Note that I must really like your stuff, because I do this having read your slander of the blue and white! (Not that they're much *this year*, but then again, when haven't I said that?)

You will definitely have a friend in Dan.

Cool. I'll throw your link up this aft.

You're in TO as well?

no, we're scattered about the East Coast - I'm in NL, Kev and Flash are in Halifax, and Doug and Graven are in New Brunswick.

K - Thanks for the props! Your suggestion actually pushed me off my butt to start organizing my links. It was about time.

I was actually born in Toronto but moved to the maritimes pretty young.

I saw this article made it into the Edmonton Journal, yesterday! I will say this for him, he will provide the media/cartoonists with lots of anecdotes (ammunition).

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