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OPNIF I: Partisan hackery

I am not against political parties, hell this blog is a member of the Dippers, so I have in some way declared some loyalty to the NDP. And I've even mentioned casting a ballot their way in the odd conversation. However, the overtly partisan non-issue foolishness (OPNIF) of the truly partisan bothers me. It bothers me because it issues from a mind that has actually closed to certain ideas, while expending all of its effort to promote its own; and that's bad.

This morning I noticed Stephen Taylor's (I know, I know, why bother?) post about Celine Hervieux-Payette's letter to the huffy seal-loving Minnisota non-tourist last week. Posting something like "what on earth were you thinking?" is perfectly fine, but to write "Does Senator Hervieux-Payette speak for the Liberal Party of Canada?" three days after Bill Graham said that her comments "reflect her personal opinions and not those of the Liberal Party of Canada" is misleading and foolish.

Of course the blogospere, inlcuding this little orange-tinted corner, is full of rhetoric, opinions and suppositions. But let's at least try to get the facts straight first.

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