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This is Your Brain on Creationism

From the South Carolina Greenville News online edition I quote:
The theory of evolution does not and cannot explain so much about the universe that we know. For instance, when and how did water evolve? How does it happen that gravity can hold us to the Earth, and at the same time allow us to step up without any trouble? How did it happen that the Earth is spinning at the exact rate that keeps us from feeling that movement?
There is nothing I can say to this - really, I am speechless.

I just read the link and there is another quote from the same writer that is worth quoting:
"I find it much easier to believe that Genesis tells us the truth of the creation..."

Good, it's the truth because it's easier to believe.

Sometimes you can sense the stupidity coming off of some people like a heat or an emanation.

Some people try so hard not to think, that they forget that other people like to think for themselves.

Ah, but they don't need to think - they have the Bible to do all their thinking for them.

Alas gentlemen, The Creationists were actually right all along! Think about it. How could anything evolve in to someone so stupid! He had to be created by "god" from scrap material left on the evolution floor.

Water evolve? *shudder*

There must be some evolutionary benefit that has allowed idiocy to propagate - otherwise it would have been bred out of the species by now. Maybe it's just to our benefit, to provide us with a source of horrified fascination that keeps us pounding away at stuff like this. It's motivating us.
I'm with you, Paul: Water evolving?
The hell?

I note that Doug has actually been on here today posting and passed on this one. I expect that in the bowels of a library in Moncton there was a howl of laughter and he was bagged and hauled out by burly security people.

Very burly security people, and a few of them.

Only because of natural selection - the smaller, weaker guards died somewhere in the library because they couldn't bring down an old librarian.

Now see, while I agree the water evolving bit was stupid - it was the bit on gravity and the earth's rotation that left me gobsmacked.

I guess it's time to weigh in. There's nothing that you can say to these people. In general they tend to be scientificly illiterate, so argument based on facts is lost on them, and mentally unwilling to accept anything but an easy answer to the big questions. Especially when a complicated answer contradicts a cherished notion or two. Arguing with, or ridiculing true believers is like ploughing the sea. You just waste your time and it makes no difference to them. My only problem with them is their patent unwillingness to leave the rest of us the fuck alone. Which brings me to a point made in another post, the emotional immaturity that keeps them from accepting that others don't want to be like them and must be brought into the fold or their comfortable world might collapse. I'm done now. They won't listen and you guys are already rational.

Of course you're absolutely right, Doug. However, part of me is screaming a Bush quote right now:

"We have to fight them there so we don't have to fight them here."

It actually seems to make sense in this context.

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