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Oh, boy.

Now, at last, another method of laying claim to things you haven't earned. It takes a really bankrupt culture to create a business that lets people exploit the fact that they had an ancestor of a particular ethnicity for personal gain.

Of course, we white folks have been doing it for years. But, leave it to us to find a way to circumvent those pesky affirmative action rules by discovering your 2% of African heritage that will allow you to make a mockery of the rules, and claim priveleges, nay, rights, that were hard fought and won. In return for the historic legacy of theft, slavery and death that we visited on the Africans and the First Nations, we'd like to give you...the shaft. Again. If you think that by not enduring the daily smackdown that life is to people of different ethnicities you are somehow entitled to the small compensations some of them have waited centuries for, well, you need to be euthanized. Now.

What troubles me even more is that this seems to continue the trend that preceives DNA as the defining factor in our humanity. We are sorted according to genetic risk by insurance companies, and now we are divided up into the sum of our ancestries, and letting that define us. Soon, you will have to have a certain percentage of African/Asian/European ancestry to gain certain benefits. People will be sorted by their genetic makeup, and only the 'five percent ethnic or less' group will occupy the top echelons of society. Is any of this sounding familiar?

I'm assuming that the marketing departments of the companies testing DNA for this purpose have come up with a really snazzy word to describe the process, but I have a better one: Eugenics.

Be afraid, folks, be very afraid...This isn't over yet.

I wrote a comment on this last night but it didn't appear - much like Doug did the other day. Must be some tomfoolery at blogspot. I just wanted to comment on the article you linked to. Here is a quote that nearly made me cry or hit a wall:

"Naturally when you're applying to college you're looking at how your genetic status might help you,"

No, my friend, that is not natural, not natural at all. That is the sign of a society sick with avarice and ambition. And this from what claims to be a christian nation? I'm starting to see that at least Islamists are honest. Misguided and wrong, but honest.

Tomfoolery and shenanigans, no doubt. I really would have liked to hear more about your take on this.
In any case, I agree - when 'because I can' becomes an acceptable rationalization, that indicates a society with no moral centre, and no chance to develop one.

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