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How many bounced cheques would you tolerate?

Now it looks like Japan is getting in on the action. I guess a localized jihad is not enough for some of us - spread it around! Okay, here's a question to all you dummies wise analysts that figure punishing the Palestinian Authority by removing foreign aid is a good idea:

Explain to me (please!) how removing or delaying the paycheques of 165,000 people in the PNA civil service is going to bring about peace in Palestine and Israel? Are these people most of whom at least for now aren't suicide bombers (humour, get it?), going to take their anger out on their government or on us?

And for those with faith in invisible guys in the sky, here's the PNA treasury minister Omar Abdel Razek:

It's a puzzling problem. You can't do anything. You can only wait. So I have a strange feeling. For the first time, I find myself in such a dilemma. But I hope that God will provide a solution

Now what if God's name is "Allah". And what if God/Allah, rather than raining help and money from heaven, works through more earthly means, like say, Iran? What if there were a few strings attached to that money? Would punishing the Palestinian people for voting still look like such a hot idea?

Seriously, someone let me know that our government has actually thought this out, because I have no confidence that they have.

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