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Jill Carroll's story is out...

Jill Carroll released a statement earlier today (linked above) through her employer, the Christian Science Monitor, explaining that statements recorded by her were made under duress and threats. That she should have to make this kind of statement at all is a testament to the defensiveness of the pro-war Right now that it is patently obvious that they were wrong in invading Iraq and that they screwed it up to boot.

No word on whether or not the bloggers that attacked her have announced any apologies, but I'm keeping my eyes opened.

[Edit - It looks like there are som apologies coming in now, which is nice. In some ways it's too bad that some bloggers don't self-edit a bit more.]

Mr. Kev, by all means, keep your eyes open. I'd be more than happy to be proven wrong, but one statement will not do it for me. I'm sorry, but it is my right as an American, to think she is full of it.

And untill I'm proven wrong, I will continue to think that.

Thank you for stoping by my blog, and I hope to see you over there again sometime soon.


Well, what would prove it for you, Ron - her showing up at a Republican Rally? There's a vast difference between thinking she's 'full of it' and accusing her of treason, as you did in your original screed. The first is a matter of opinion and as you say 'as an American' you have that right. Allegations of treason, on the other hand, fit into a legal framework and unless you have definitive proof of such, come damn close to defamation of character and would probably be more applicable to someone who sends American troops off to die based on a lie - like Bush...

What evidence indeed? From poking around your blog, I have a feeling that you have an idealogical difference with Carroll that might make it really hard for you to believe her statement at face value. Likewise, nothing I or you say is going to convince the other to "cross the floor".

I'm sorry, but it is my right as an American, to think she is full of it.

I'm suprised some people still think a response like this is anything other than a disingenuous claim of persecution, as in "you're threatening my right to believe anything I want" It's even weirder when Americans, exceptionally, seem to be claiming a greater right than others to believe what they believe, regardless of the evidence before them.

It's bizarre.

I find it just as strange that someone has to bring up their nationality any time they claim their rights. Naturally, this is most common with Americans. I rarely here "it is my right as a Dane..." or even "it is my right as a Canadian...".

It's my right as a Bluenoser to take off early on Friday. Anyone want to plan for an afternoon coffee?

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