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And They're Off!

Without even waiting for the body to cool off, former Reform Party Leader Preston Manning's already shown interest in taking over Ralph Klein's job as PC Leader in Alberta. Love the quote from leadership hopeful Ted Morton:
Morton said he suspects Manning's interest is not that serious, noting he would have to give up the lifestyle of an academic for the "griminess of trench warfare" in politics.
After the way Stockwell Day brought in the Christian Right to shaft him for the Canadian Alliance leadership, I'm fairly certain Preston's familiar with 'trench warfare', Teddy. And besides, what 'griminess'? Being the Conservative Premier in Alberta is about as safe a job as there is in Canadian politics - after all, Ralph managed to do it with a drinking problem.

Well, this has been on all the radios here in Edmonton, Alberta. Everyone I have talked to and listened to have said that they are not sad to see Klien go and were not surprised by his 55% vote. However, the masses here seem to be even less impressed with the idea of Preston Manning putting his hat in the ring. They, the public, are shuddering at the idea of having that whiney voiced over-grown munchkin as their premier. I have yet to hear anybody say that Preston's ambition will be a good thing for Alberta.

Isn't Edmonton more liberal (small l) than other areas of the province? Would that attitude be representative of say, Calgary?

In the provincial political ridings it would suggest that we in Edmonton are more liberal than Calgary. However, from what I have seen so far Edmontonians are more liberal (small l) than those out side of the big city. This really does not surprise me in the least, because of the high percentage of former (and sometimes current some of them actually, in some sense, commute from the East!) Atlantic Canadians now living in Edmonton.
I am not sure if Calgaryians share the same liberalness. I have not met any of them yet.

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