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More Tory bloviation...

It sure sounds like Stephen Harper is going to govern like he has a majority if he's talking about Constitutional change. Is that Joe Clarke I hear clearing his throat?

Talk like this in some situations could be politically dangerous, but in my mind this seems like a good move - it motivates Tory supporters at little cost because no one expects Constitutional change to be attempted until he at least has a majority. How exactly this fits in with his "big five" I'm not sure, but one thing is certain...

If anyone in this government is going to shoot his mouth off with impunity, it will be him.

Err, well, okay, except this idiot.

Mr.Harper will have a very closed government. He's already muzzled his cabinet. After all they may say something really controversial then we the people will know what we're up against. They may show us their true intentions.

I wish the article were a bit more specific. I mean, in and of itself, "constitutional changes" sounds ominous, but if we're talking about something like Senate reform, then Harper's absolutely right. Piecemeal changes aren't going to get the job done here.

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