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The Vatican and AIDS: common sense vs infallibility

It appears that the Vatican might be considering entering the 20th century – congratulations, only one more to go! According to this report, the Vatican is considering overturning its ban on the use of condoms as a preventative measure to combat the spread of AIDS in Africa.

Reversing decisions must be difficult when You and Your Office are officially infallible.

I doubt it, not with this pope

Its good to see the church doing this. I am sure there are a strong portion of priests, who have been calling for this for a long time, that are happy to hear this too. They, the priests, are in the front lines and see more of reality than the upper echelon of the church.
Church infallible? Maybe they beleived that at one time but I think they have been realizing more and more that they are.

my two cents

I also have a hard time seeing this happening with this Pope, but who knows? The disaster is monumental and to ignore an obvious solution is criminal.

Paul -> the Church is infallible on points of doctrine that have been approved at an ecumenical council and the Pope is when he speaks ex cathedra. It was officially defined in the First Vatican Council in the late 1800's, but the Church claims its origins go back to holy times.

It's good to be the king; but you have to watch what you say.

Thanks for the info. I looked it up and learned a lot about ex cathedra and infallibility. The word choice really is misleading and a great target for non-church folk. They should simply refer to decrees in ex cathedra as decrees or laws. Infallibility could be mistaken for its other definition of in ability to err which the church has admitted to many times before, including things that were considered "infallible". This was a contentious issue during the first Vatican council and nearly prevented the use of "infallibilty" during this council.
Point being "Infallibility" was a bad word choice by the church!

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