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Working in the Arctic

I don't mean to get my online virtual bitchyandwhiny life tangled up with my real one, but I wanted to get this link out there. The flesh and blood me works for the federal government at a technical level on issues relating to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. It so happens that right now we (not me, but others on the project) are working north of Ellesmere Island on a collaborative seismic project on the ice of the Arctic Ocean over a subamarine feature called the Lomonosov Ridge. The work is part of a project called LORITA and it is being done with the GEUS, the Danish national geological organization. GEUS is kindly hosting a more or less daily update on the project from their website at the link above.

If anyone is interested in how science is done in the Arctic, check it out. There are links on the right side of the page that link to the regular updates.

For the record, I am not posting this on orders from anyone in the government, or as part of my job - simply because the project updates are interesting and I think it's good for people to see some of the work that the government is doing, especially on this project.

And Briguy, you might see a couple of familiar faces in the pictures.

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