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Why do the Conservatives need a majority government?

When there is effectively no opposition in Parliament?

As has been remarked in other blogs recently, Jack Layton and Stephen Harper have been in close talks recently that appear to have resulted in some cooperation between the two parties. I haven't discovered exactly what the meat of the conversation has been, but buying into the basic premise of the child care plan appears to be part of the NDP committment.

As for the Liberals, I've long thought that Bill Graham's blowing on about holding being prepared to be a tough opposition and being ready for an election any time ("oh yeah, you wanna step outside?") was just wind. Now I know - it appears that the Liberals are also afraid to take on the Conservatives on child care.

So that's the most contentious of the "Big Five" down. Of the other four, reducing wait times looks to be the most difficult, but because the Liberals botched or avoided it in the past, they will likely not be held to task if they at least make some expensive motherhood statements to provincial treasuries.

By my estimation, the Opposition has til about early 2007 to begin acting like one, or Harper will be able to put some form of tick mark beside each of the five boxes and drop the writ for a new election. One that he will stand a really good chance of winning.

The Conservatives obsession with a future majority gives credence to the "hidden agenda" theory. Why do they need the cover of a majority to act with impunity, hiding something? I think this is where the social agenda comes into play.

I think you're confused as to what the NDP daycare program is about. The cons want to give money to parents and the libs want to create new daycare spaces. The NDP plan combines both of these options into one plan. So by backing Harper's plan, they're halfway there. Now all they have to do is make sure the liberal plan is extended beyond 2007; a battle that will be fought over the course of this year. If they do that, then they've effectively put their plan into action.

Lets face it, EVERY party has two agendas. One that is holdfast to their party line, and one that the people will buy. Every party has to modify some of their hard core party principles if they fly in the face of those who mark the X.

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