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bin Laden apparently concerned for the welfare of his "employees"

I don't know if one can trust anything from someone purporting to be Osama bin Laden, but at least this has the ring of, ah, truthiness. As much, if not more, than what comes out of the Whitehouse these days, anyway.

Once again, when George needs him, Osama rears his head and speaks.

So, the administration looks positively idiotic because they couldn't get the death penalty for a guy that admitted in open court to being the "20th" hijacker, after spending millions.

But now old Osama pops up and says the jury was right - and American justice worked. I will give dollars to donuts the AG says he always had suspicions so didn't press too hard...

Personally i think this story is true - ZM was not involved at all. But now watch the spin...

Yeah, I kind of think he was innocent of the charges, too - from the clips I saw and the bits I read he seemed like a two-bit fool trying to claim greater glory.

Of course, the jury was only half right - they did find him guilty in the first place.

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