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Sex is not for the youth

Hey, when you are married to the leader of a country in whih 7% of the population has AIDS, what advice do you have to give teenage students? Don't use condoms, apparently. Lucy Kibaki, wife of Mwai Kibaki, president of Kenya, said just that in a speech today. And why not, you might ask? Well, because kids should learn abstinence, or in her words - "Sex is not for the youth". This, of course is translated from Kiswahili, a more accurate translation might be "if I hold my breath I can keep my head my ass for a surprisingly long time".

Any similarity with the Bush Administration's approach to AIDS is purely accidental - they have research from dozens of sociologists proving that the youth actually do not have sex. It's all just a myth of the "reality-based" anti-Christian Left.

The only proper response to a person with a whacky idea like that is to tell them firmly that "No, giving children condoms does not 'enable or encourage' them to have sex. Normal children are born with genitals and a sex drive that enables and encourages them. A condom gives them no more encouragement than a treadmill gives someone encouragement to excercise."

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