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Prince Charles is a Leonard Cohen fan

Who would have known that?

I won't comment on this except to say that this line really got me:
Royal biographer Penny Junor agreed it was the perfect choice. "It sums him up," she told Reuters.

"It is an amusing choice. If one had to play those games where you matched someone with someone, this is the perfect choice for an introspective and self-pitying individual."
Did you get that? Leonard Cohen's music is for the self-pitying! I guess for some people if you're not singing about your new love, your bling, or your ass, you're self-pitying. I don't know about you, but I think Much Music and the like would do with a little more introspection and "self-pity" as long as it came at the cost of self-aggrandizement.

Play on, brother Leonard, play on!

Poor Prince Charles, he always gets a bad wrap for everything. Personally, I think he's quite an admirable fellow, even if he does come across as a bit of an old fuddy-duddy.

I'm with you. He seems like a pretty noble guy.

H.R.H. Prince Charles, is very clearly a disciple of The Muses. Architecture, The Bards, both living & in the next world too: God Save The Future King Windsor! I just fell in love with his scholarly_aptittude! Celestia G

It shouldn't be particularly surprising that Bonny Prince Charlie is a Leonard Cohen fan. He's of the generation, and has a serious bent. I'll bet you he had the hots for Joni Mitchell (and possibly Joan Baez) as well.

He has an obvious interest in music, using rock/pop concerts/festivals to support his various charities and interests.
What would be interesting to know is whether his musical interests are static or evolve with time.
E.g. are there any new artists on his IPod, or is he stuck in the 60s/70s?
Your Highness, would you care to comment?

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