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I'm not one to advocate violence...

but if I knew who this guy was, dental records would be required for later investigation.

I rest in the hope that when they catch this bastard he gets put in with the general prison population.

I agree with you whole-heartedly Kevin. Men like this need to experience what they are doing to their victims. An informed general prison population would definitly be more than happy to carry out this experience! I am sure the guards are willing to turn their backs for a while or be careless about locking some people's cells some nights.
To ensure the bastard understands what he has done, he must be taught over and over and over again.
If the police have trouble finding him, get Oprah to flash his face on TV (She has managed to get her audience to identify and turn in 3 Sex offenders already!)

Wow. The compassion of the left at work.

So much for presumed innocence, eh boys. That only applies to people who commit property crimes, apparently.

Wow - the Strawman Argument logic of the right. Where did Kevvy say anything about property crimes, Peter? Do try and keep your mind on track...

What is it about dividing the world into left and right, as if there was no variance of opinion from issue to issue within each group.

Here, Peter, let me explain this to you. If all the world contained only two people, then we could probably say there was "a left" and "a right". I hate sounding pedantic, but christ shit like that makes me wonder why it's worth owning a computer let alone actually blogging.

Something about Pete's comment just struck me - So much for presumed innocence.

When I look at what I wrote I said that if "I knew who this guy was", not that I was going to go out nuke the first asshole I found with a goatee. The reason that we have courts and juries is to protect the innocent from emotional reactions like mine. I aknowledge their role. That doesn't mean I don't harbour "revenge fantasies", which in this case springs from my role as father of two young girls. It has nothing to do with politics, though I do happen to believe that these guys deserve more punishment than treatment. Of course, in Peter's world, there is no room for someone with "left-leaning" politics and these ideas on the topic of crime and law.

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