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Oh that al-Zarqawi!

The right-wing blogosphere and the MSM agree - that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is one crazy guy! Video released by the US military today shows him trying unsuccessfully to change the fire rate of a rifle and then trotting along, apparently unprofessionally in his combats and New Balance. (I hope the good PR weenies at New Balance are aware of this endorsement opportunity. )

I guess the message we're supposed to be getting is that al-Zarqawi, the reputed leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, is a useless prat that can't even use his tools right. Sounds good to me, but two questions rise to mind:

1) If he really is what they say he is, his lack of competence makes the American troops who are unable to catch him... uh, what?

2) How do you think Donald Rumsfeld is at weapon use?

How do you think Donald Rumsfeld is at weapon use?
Probably better than Dick Cheney, but of course neither one of them, for all their sins, try to make phony ass vids pretending their mighty warriors with machine gun talent - poor Zarqawi - an aging fatboy who hasn't a clue how to fire a weapon - you won't find him screaming allah akbar and blowing himself apart.

3. How is it that their bumbling, bungling enemy has not only evaded capture, but appears in this video firing an American-made M249 light machine gun?

Decoin: name the American political figure who appears in phony-ass videos involving flight suits and carrier landings ... who was that, again? :)

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