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Hey George.

If Abu Ghraib was a 'mistake' what would you call this?

Sick and sickening. Oh, my stomach...

A crime.

Well, it looks like it actually is going to be treated like a crime. For a change.

It truely is sickening and a crime. I do not defend their actions in any way, I can understand somewhat how it could have happened. These young soldiers have a threshold of what they can take from being fired at, bombed, ambushed, taunted and still be able to do what they are ordered to do. This threshold is raised after intense training (you could read brainwashed, too), but being on their third tour and still being human this threshold is being pushed to the limit. The human pysche is being pummeled on a regular basis and George Bush is keeping these boys and girls in there to continue the fight. I hope in their investigations they focus on how these soldiers are being affected in such an intense location for such a long time.
Shame on George Bush. This group of soldiers are going to be punished as a result of his decisions. Those innocent Iraqi civilians have already paid the price by his decisions.

I wonder if it's a coincidence that the Army has talked about lowering the I.Q. requirements for the recruits?

Flash, if you're asking whether the intelligence of the Marines involved is part of the issue, I'd say probably no. I have a feeling that if you take just about anyone and scare the shit out of them, deny them decent sleep, arm them, drop them in the middle of a citizenry that by and large hates, and at best distrusts them, and then tell them that "the enemy" can be anywhere, you'd get the same results with a group of Nobel prize winners as you would with the average Joe on the street.

This is just an ugly, ugly situation all around; and ugly things are going to happen by design or by accident.

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