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Congratulations, Gordon O'Connor!

It appears that regardless of the stringent measures our fearful leader uses to get his ministers and backbenchers to keep their pieholes shut, someone just up and opens his or her mouth. It must get Stevie-poos blankie in a twist when someone like Gordon O'Connor contradicts him on an important, and visible issue, as he apparently just has.

If the Globe and Mail report here is true, then when Stephen "Accountability is my middle, hell my only name" Harper said that the families of the four soldiers killed in Afghanistan a couple of weeks ago were contacted to see if they wanted media present at the repatriation ceremony in Trenton, he, um, lied.

Yes, the saviour of the Right, the Anal One, he of the manly-handshake-go-get'em-son, lied to the public. To a reporter. One of the more trusting "local" variety, naturally, but to a reporter nonetheless. Of course the national press, the "liberal" media were not involved in this, but it appears they are getting into it now. And now, Stevie is backtracking.

And so, as widdew Stevie twists his blankie in impotent rage, I present Gordon O'Connor with the first "hammer" award - 'cuz you know he's gettin' his peepee slapped as we speak. Good work, Gordon; I hope you didn't completely cut your lobbying ties, you might need the steady income sooner than you think. More time with the family is nice and all, but it doesn't put bread on the table.

Thanks to Doug for pointing this out!

These guys have no shame and compunction about lying in order to get their way.

Tha is the biggest difference between the neo-cons and real, small-c fiscal conservatives out there.

God, I almost miss Joe Clark.

A snall c is a neo con. A neo con is a democrat who is hawkish on foriegn policy.

No anon, you don't know what you are talking about.

A neo-con is a follower of Struassian political philosophy. Bush, Wolfowitz, Cheney, Perle, Fukiyama are these guys. They are also PNAC guys.

Democrats hawkish on foriegn policy are known as "Democrats hawkish on foriegn policy".

Does Fukiyama still count? I don't think he's golfing with these guys anymore, but does that mean he's no longer a neo-con?

Well he might not be speaking to them, but I am always suspicious of "death bed conversions" and sudden "evovled views."

I'm guessing Fukiyama is pissed at the implementation rather than the ideas.

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