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Bush = Lincoln

No fucking shit.

Excuse the language, but you have to watch this video through to the end to listen to Chris and Norah fawn over George Bush in his "wonderful moment of reflection". If you can stomach it, near the end you will hear, I shit you not, the phrase "...a little Lincoln there, I think...". It really is nauseating, unless you've already partaken of Bush's Freedom (TM) loaf, in which case you're too far gone for pure human revulsion.

I really feel sorry for Keith Olberman, and awe for his patience with absolute idiots.

Well there goes my lunch. A little Lincoln, eh? Does that mean he will be a little assasinated before the end of his term?
Seriously, though, AS much as we know he was lying all along, this little publicity stunt will improve his ratings (within the US)in the short term. A sob story will always find someone to drag a tear from.

My $0.02

Well, Lincoln suspended habeous corpus during his term as well, but I'm pretty sure that's not the reason....

These guys are truly deluded.

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