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Now that's just not nice...

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has sunk to new lows. He is now taunting George Bush by sending him a letter.


In the posted article is this gem:

[i]National Intelligence Director John Negroponte said he had not yet read the letter, but that "certainly one of the hypotheses you'd have to examine is whether and in what way the timing of the dispatch of that letter is connected with trying in some manner to influence the debate before the [U.N.] Security Council."[/i]

OMGWTF!!!111!11!! He's trying to influence a UN security council debate which will directly affect his country! I have but one thing to say to this observation: Well, duh. Negroponte must be a genuis.

Better check it out for white powder...

Wowza. I've read snippets of the letter. That Ahmadinejad is one crazy (shut yer mouth!). He meanders from Holocaust denial to conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks. Amongst other ramblings. Scary to think that there could be someone less mentally fit to lead a country than Bush or Kim Jong Il, but there you have it. Hooray for theocracies!

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