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Child care poll

If the Tory child-care plan does indeed "offer the best of both worlds", as Social Development Minister Diane Finley maintains, then Canadians aren't getting the message yet. An Environics poll has just shown that 50% of Canadians prefer the something akin to the national Liberal plan versus 35% who support the $1,200 per year family allowance proposed by the Conservatives.

Environics has yet to put the full results on their website, which apparently include a breakdown of how the respondents voted last election. This will be interesting to know, because the Conservatives are also hovering in the 35-40% mark in the polls, so it's tempting to interpret that support for this issue breaks down along party affiliation. This would not be good news for the Tories in the short-term, as they would like to see this issue peel away some support from rural and suburban Liberals but, as the G&M article linked points out, it is instructive.

Gosh, according to those numbers most Canadians should support the NDP plan which was a combination of both...

I was thinking the same thing.

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