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WTF? Friday

If, as previously noted on this site, FIFA allows Budweiser to become the official "beer" of the 2006 World Cup in Germany, what else will they do for money? I know, I know, "it's just too obvious", I can hear you saying.

Yes indeed, you can, for only $50 buy World Cup perfume/cologne.

It might be "the beautiful game", but like any other professional sport all you have to do is scratch the surface to find the filthy lucre that drives the operation.

h/t to Doug.

An event of this magnitude is a great economic boom for the cities involved, but as you can see everyone who has a desire to exploit this opportunity will go to great lengths of absurdity to cash in on the fan`s buck. Remember "Pope-on-a-Rope"? The perfume idea looks like a fine example of absurdity. "Feel the excitement of winning the most coveted trophy in the world, wear the scent of victory. Features fruity top notes that are lemons, apples ... musk and vanilla."
I would have thought the smell of victory is musk and salty sweat and slightly stale champagne. I don`t think the great players will smell of lemons and apples after their victory.

my two cents.

A second comment on this; I have been noticing that there is a noticable snubbing of Bud at the WC. Many people have complained that they are only able to buy the watery piss at the games and nearby events. The Bud people had to make some concessions to allow one German beer called Bit to be sold at games but they (Bit sellers) had to serve their beer in unmarked cups.

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