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Faculty Blood Feuds: Your Assurance of a Great Education!

Just wanted to let fans (or opponents, for that matter) of the 'Kog aware of this story: Seems that a Cape Breton University historian, David Mullan, posted another professor's name on a 'death watch' list, and now she's in search of a restraining order against him. Mullan is the same moral reprobate who sparked the CBU version of the Mohammed cartoon controversy. He's denying he meant 'death watch' as a threat, but the way I see it, a threat is a valid interpretation. He's an embarassment to a good university.

He runs what he calls the Institute for Transgressive Studies, which originally made me suspect it was a new version of Ethnomethodology, or more specifically the breaching experiment, where you try your best to illustrate the 'unwritten rules' by violating them.
(You'll note that I'm providing links to his rants - I don't want to be accused of being unfair in my representation of him, so I will let the readers draw their own conclusions)

By reading his blog, however, I was quickly disavowed of this notion. He's just a tenured crackpot. The fact that he's going on at length about the 'evils' of homosexuality and the apparent folly of cultural relativism tells me he's serious. And potentially dangerous.

I'm not against free speech. My presence here indicates my belief in it. I wouldn't advocate to censor this demagogue any more than I would censor Dan, Briguy, graven or Kevvyd. What we need to do is something worse. A punishment worse than death for someone who likes the sound of his own voice. Ignore him.

Some time as a complete cipher, an un-person, exiled while still in our midst. A year, two years, whatever it takes to demonstrate to this tenured terror that everyone does deserve a voice. He goes on at length about how he has the freedom to speak freely. Fine.

All of us have a more powerful right - the right not to listen.

I don't know my ethnomethodology from my Faustian bargain, but I do know that anyone that would use those text colours on a website has something going on in the cerebellum that just ain't right.

kevvyd, I think the confusing use of colour on his site (yes, I looked at it too) is his way of proving to the world that he's straight. Maybe he needs a queer eye intervention.


I just went back to this guy's site - he's dangerously fucked up. Egomaniac, anti-social, superiority complex - all of the hallmarks of a front page headline in the near future.

And this time the neighbours might not say that they were surprised.

I read his blog - dear god, with a debating style like that, how the fuck did this man ever get to be a professor? What does he teach - Holding My Breath Till I Turn Blue 1001? This guy hurts my brain, please don't make me read him any more...

I know, he sorta makes you want to sit somewhere dark with a cookie until the hurt goes away, don't he?
It's always been my ambition (heck, dream) to teach at university or college (NSCC in the fall, Yay!), but if I ever turned out like this idiot, I hope my friends care enough about me to kill me immediately.

Sleepyoldbear here. Thanks for the traffic you are sending me. If one put all you guys together, I very much doubt that you could, even then, come up with an argument. Go back over the story and the comments. If there is an argument, send it to me. This is the problem with Leftists--'ain't got not facts, ain't go no brains, feelings ... ' And that is why the local Leftists cannot afford to do as you suggest, that is, to ignore me. Their hegemonic world-view has no room for heretics against their establishment orthodoxy. Try to grow up guys, and if you can mount some kind of a rational argument, feel free to send it along.

That's an argument? "You're all lefties, therefore you're all wrong." Brilliant, like a freshly buffed cinder block.

I'm afraid for UCCB, quite honestly.

Overgeneralization and ad hominem attacks are intellectually lazy.
If, as your site suggests, you are attempting to present 'outrageous' views in a humorous or ironic light, let me clarify for you:
Humour results from the symbolic juxtaposition of unexpected concepts, essentially establishing an expectation, then sequentially reversing it. You set up no expectation other than your stated views, and you do not reverse your symbolic representations, you reinforce them.
Ergo, you are not funny.
Disparaging others because they disagree with you is not a sign of intelligence, it is a sign of arrogance. I have little time for that, unless, as you imply, you have an argument. You do not. Therefore, I exercise my right to ignore you unless you feel the need to engage me directly.

I believe it's "CBU" now.

As for sleepyoldbear - it might help his cause, whatever it is, if he actually occasionally made sense. I have surfed the site a bit to see what he was on about and I'm no more enlightened for the effort - just a little older.

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