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Go Play in Traffic!

I thought, since Mr. Pastis has decided to write about blogs again, that it was appropriate to mention how proud I am to see that we have some regular readers. Some agree with us, and some don't, but you're all welcome. It doesn't look like our writings will have to be shoved under the box anytime soon. Judging by the traffic to the site, somebody out there thinks we are doing something worthwhile. Thanks to this site, I have learned there are lots of people doing the same thing.
I appreciate and admire the work done by my more prolific compadres - I feel like I'm in good company. I hope to have more time and energy to devote to fulfilling my Social-Justice/Silly Rant role. Thanks to everybody out there, the debates and encouragement are appreciated.

End of gratutitous back-slapping. Get back to work.

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