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Pucking accountability

When the Liberals did stuff like this Stephen Harper would forget his smile training and jump up and down in faux-rage with chants of "entitlement" and "accountability". Now that he is at the helm we are beginning to see that more than the rage was "faux", the substance of his argument was as well. It appears that Stephen Harper didn't just happen to be in Edmonton for Saturday night's Oiler-Hurricane game and he didn't go alone - he flew there on the government Challenger jet and attended the game with six other Tory MPs, four PMO staffers and his security detail. The MPs and staffers apparently paid for their own tickets up in the cheaper seats, but the PM sat in one of two pricey($390) seats bought by the PMO (which means me, I think), while the MPs took turns in the other; getting some face-time with the PM.

You're welcome, I guess.

excuse pretense reason? He was on his way to Vancouver and Edmonton was a convenient stop-over. Naturally, as CFSR points out, the Challenger can easily handle the whole distance without stopping and Edmonton is in fact, not really on the way.

And besides, "we make no apologies for cheering on a Canadian team", says his "communications" director Sandra Buckler. When there are no uniforms to hide behind, you can always grab a flag.

You know if we had a decent opposition in any of the three parties, they would have been all over this.

I thought about mentioning this, but in a comment to the post at CFSR, someone noted that the NDP were suspicious in not jumping up and down over this. (S)he implied that they would have if the previous government had done it and this is a sign of the new coziness between the CPC and NDP. I didn't mention this because it was a Liberal blogger who mentioned it and the Liberal party is so self-absorbed these days that it seems even the bloggers are giving them leave to not be the opposition.

But you're right, they have not been jumping on this, and neither have the media. I don't know if it's just because it's the start of summer and everyone is simply in holding patterns or if there is something else at work here. In any case, the conservatives obviously have nothing to fear for the next little while from either.

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