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Sometimes the comedy just writes itself

The media is anti-Semitic!

'nuff said.

I've actually found the BBC's coverage to be quite informative and unbiased. The CBC however is just tabloid journalsim at this point. Nalla Ayad has to be the most pro hexbollah piece of journalistic fluff on the planet. I don't even watch cbc anymore.

So what your saying is Hezzbollywood is not playing the media like a fiddle?

Ha,ha,ha,ha,, ya and I just saw a unicorn in the street.

Must be the same nut cases that claim the CBC is left wing. Groan! But I suppose anything that isn't outright seig heilish must seem "left" to these loons.

No. No! NO! The media is a left wing conspiracy which means the right, righteous and self-righteous are abused by unsympathetic, uncooperative and unwilling press barons. And the left (Bill O'Reilly is his own media - so too Anne Coulter) is trying to overwhelm the few right media with lies, deceit and other stuff.

I posted this link at Mark's site in the hope that it might help him reevaluate his views on the media coverage of the Middle East. I thought it might be useful to post it here as well.

Maybe you're not aware, but this site doesn't let off-topic ad hominem attacks stand. They are gone as soon as I notice them.

Bye bye.

If you would like to contribute to a the discussion, feel free to do so, if not, take it back to SDA or LGF where they like that kind of thing.

Sounds cool dude ban me. I just thingk hezzie manipulates the media.

Don't woory I won't comment or read this blog anymore. Thanks for the exposing me to the tolerant left.

Later comic guy.

In the even that you do see this - you're not banned at all. I simply remove posts that attack the posters and/or commentators rather than their ideas. I want everyone to feel comfortable that they can comment here without fear of being slagged. Telling someone that their idea is silly is fine, calling them a moron is not.

You're welcome to post here whenever you like.

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