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It's Christmas in Toronto, and all the angels sing...

Today a judge in Toronto had a Christmas tree removed from the lobby of a provincial courthouse in an effort to remove openly Christian symbols from what is supposed to be a public, multi- (omni-?) denominational setting. As one would expect, this has drawn criticism from those that view it as an attack on Christianity, rather than a move to promote inclusion. The howls of outrage came so fast and so loud that the Premier was forced to make a statement distancing himself from the incident.

One would be forgiven for thinking that maybe the cross was made illegal or something, but that's the way of the discussion of these things.

One would also be forgiven for believing that all I ever do is complain about things without offering up solutions. Because this one's so easy, I'll do just that very thing. The obvious solution to this problem is to decorate public places for all religious holidays, be they Sikh, Hindi, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, whatever. We have to draw the line somewhere of course, but you know what I mean - put the damn tree back up and stick a Menorah there, too. And then explore the calendar of events for major Canadian religions and celebrate those, too. Either that, or don't do any of them.

As for us atheists, we're an understanding lot. We can let you honour your gods in any way you see fit without feeling shame, remorse, or feelings of exclusion. Just so long as the religious acoutrements stay outside the courtroom.

Merry Christmas.


I'm gonna have to go ahead and agree with you on this one. I'm a Christian, and I see no reason to have a Christmas tree anywhere but in my house.

Funny you should post on this topic, because I just saw Steddy Eddy Stelmach getting sworn in as premier, holding a bible. I don't get why this is still cool with everyone. I mean, it bothers me, and I'm of the faith (kinda), and a conservative no less. Shouldn't politicians be swearing on the constitution or the latest edition of The Western Standard or something by now?

Shouldn't politicians be swearing on the constitution or the latest edition of The Western Standard or something by now?
Nice one!

I don't have a problem with swearing-in on a Bible, provided politicians of other stripes are allowed to swear in on their Book of choice, or none at all.

Let's be fair, Kev - after all, your god is in every Italian Restaurant. Besides, if people want to use a European Pre-Christian pagan symbol to celebrate the ancient Roman Festival of Saturnalia, and can somehow convince themselves that all this pagan imagery has anything to do with the message of Christ, what the hey...

Perhaps this outrage at the display of Christian symbols (even ones handed down from pagan festivals like a tree) is a kind of change of tactic. The Grinch rode into Whoville on a sleigh and under the cover of darkness stole all the presents. Maybe now he has decided to fight within the system and use all the legal means at his disposal. Just a thought.

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