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Flash has come up with a lovely new word: boviturdinous. I hope he doesn't mind me making the first public use of it: public hearings that the public is not allowed access to. Yep, the first four days of Nova Scotia Utilities and Review Board's "public" hearings on new (read "higher") power rates for NS Power "customers".

I just knew that we weren't even going to get a reach-around when the "privatized" NS Power in the 90's. A monopoly guaranteed a profit is soooo much better than a Crown corporation!


Has anyone there figured out that a public hearing the public can't come to is in fact a private hearing?
They need to spend a few bucks on dictionaries.

Why? They'll just use the extra cost for dictionaries as an excuse to raise the rates.

Surely you're not suggesting that the public/consumers actually be informed as to the workings of power? That's heresy!

Of course, they could just lease the dictionaries for $1000 a month...

Only after spending $15000 on a fact-finding junket to Oxford, UK to research the latest in dictionary design.

I probably shouldn't say things like that, given the direction my organisation is headed...

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