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On a Lighter Note, OR, The Coughing Cows...

I had to chuckle at a gaffe made (repeatedly, according to this account) by Jack Layton in Brandon, Manitoba. During a speech to agricultural producers, Layton made repeated reference to SARS as a problem for the cattle industry. Of course he meant BSE, and he made a joke out of the confusion in the end, but not everyone got the joke.
It does seem that big-city Jack is a little out of touch with agricultural concerns, unless SARS has managed to jump the species barrier, and nobody knew about it until Jack discovered it, which might make Layton a genius.


SARS in cows causes greenhouse asses. It all makes sense to me now.

Hey! I just had an idea. Here's a new word we can all try:
Boviturdinous (bo-vih-tur-din-uss).
A descriptor used when someone or something is completely filled with bullshit.

Think it'll catch on?

Hey, I like it!

I like it too - of course, it's an awfully long word and considering the amount of politics in this blog, we'd be using it a lot...

Yes, but it's pretentious, which makes us sound book smart.
I can't help it: I'm a Sociologist, and I'm in Government. Both of which are official licenses to make up words.

Well that's true - have you considered submitting it to Stephen Colbert?

I haven't! That might be fun.

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