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Et tu, Alfie?

Bob Chisolm, Rodney MacDonald's new chief of staff, was forced to admit that he learned of the Fage drink-drink-honk-honk-smash-smash the night of the accident after back-bench Tory MLA Alfie MacLeod phoned him after driving by it. This is not good news for the Tories and for the Premier specifically, because it produces two scenarios, neither of which is positive:

a) That the Premier's chief of staff does not trust his boss' judgement and would rather hide bad news from him than have his input in how to deal with it.

b) That the Premier knew about the accident before December 4 (when he said he learned of it) and that his office is lining up to fall on their swords to protect him.

Having been caught in the lie, Chisolm weasled "If I did [mislead] I'm very sorry that I did." If. If. He then went on to admit to a probable lapse of judgement. I'll set aside the moral issue of lying to protect one's ass, because that is sadly the assumed standard of behaviour these days, but to believe that one could hide the incident, that it would just go away is simple stupidity. I will not set aside the fact that this only makes it that much harder to believe anything these guys say or to trust them with my tax dollars any longer than I have to.

This kind of incompetence and cowardice is becoming the standard for this government. Yes, cowardice. If Bob Chisolm had any balls, he would have investigated the incident as soon as he heard, instead of admitting to reporters a month and a half too late that he was afraid of what he might learn about the details. Fear of reality is a damned good quality to have in a chief of staff, don't you think, Rodney?

And let's not leave Rodney out of this - if he had a spine, his advisors and staff would likely not have to try to hide bad news or sugar-coat reality for him.

This, unfortunately, is exactly the kind of behaviour that I'm growing accustomed to from The Fiddler and his Step-Dancing Clowns.

The sad thing is that the opposition has been wayyyy too quiet over this situation. It makes me really question how much ambition Darrell Dexter *really* has to become premier, and whether there is anybody in the Liberal party who would dare go head to head with the Tory Machine. After the accusations from the NDP about the Liberals being in bed with the Tories re: the Heather Melvin Foley situation, is it any surprise if the Liberals would be so quiet over this given the seriousness of Tailgate? (Ernie Fage's Watergate, as I saw someone refer to it in the Chronicle Herald yesterday ... I love it)

So, we live in a province where political apathy seems to be OK amongst our elected officials. The answers are certainly rising to the surface, not good for Premier MacDonald, who keeps being quoted as saying he does not want to answer any more questions about this issue.

What the Premier does not realize is that he can stop answering questions about it when everyone else stops asking. It is part of the job.

Refresh my memory - who exactly did Rodney beat out for the PC Leader's job? They've got to be pretty pissed right now.

Actually, Jennifer, Darrell Dexter has been hammering the Tories over this. Michael Samson has too - as much as he can without actually, you know, like forcing an election. Cause the Liberals don't have a leader yet, and besides, they'd lose and morality has to take a back seat to political survival...

I've added my thoughts on the latest twist in the 2nd rate b-movie. Bottom line, i've had my fill & when people like me have had their fill of the Tories, ya know they're in trouble


I think Dan is right, Dexter has been hammering pretty hard at the Tories. In the end, the Liberals won't support a non-confidence motion because it would be stupid for them to do so while they are just about to launch a leadership convention.

Sound familiar?

You're right, I'm being too hard on Darrell Dexter. I really like the guy. I just find he's hammering too nicely :-) I read his column in the paper the other day and thought how rational and gentlemanly he sounds. What a nice leader he would be. And you *know* that with nice guys like that, MacDonald's hangers-on like Irving and Chisholm would be put out to pasture. Just because it would be the right thing to do.

I wish the Libs had a leader so they could force an election. This is ridiculous. And sad.

There should be a requirement for political parties to have leadership conventions within X number of months of losing their leader. We are stuck with the MacDonald clowns until they get their act together.

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