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Sometimes the only possible response is WTF?

A short clip from the French version of 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' For the non-French speakers, the question is 'Which body orbits the Earth?' and the choices are:
a. The Moon
b. The Sun
c. Mars
d. Venus
I don't know what's sadder - the contestant's obvious confusion or the 'help' he gets from the studio audience.


I figure you could hook a turbine up to Galileo and Copernicus and probably at least power the show.

Question - do you think the audience were just half bastards, or were they actually retarded?

The 2% who said 'Mars' I'm willing to chalk up to being bastards out to sabotage the idiot but I figure at least half of the 'sun circles the earth' crowd have to be dumb enough to believe it.

That's... Huh?! People laugh at the US for not knowing their world geography, should we start laughing at France for thinking that the Earth is the centre of the universe?

I like how the announcer emphasises "si vous savez le propre response" (or words to that effect) when instructing the audience to help the guy out. It seems like he's run into idiot audiences before.

BTW - this may be more of a reflection on the average intelligence of people who sit in the audience at a game show taping (and of contestants). I'm more than willing to assume that it's a failure of the French edumacational system, as well.

25% of Americans believe that Christ is coming--this year!

Compared to that, geocentrism is a peccadillo.

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