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Actions Speak Louder...

As a (hopefully) final reference to the Jared Taylor incident, I present the following tidbit of information.

As readers will recall, I decried the use of violence against the self-proclaimed 'white separatist', even though I disagreed strongly with his views. (Despite the transposition of the piece to Stormfront.org, which incorrectly implied support)

I am pleased, amused and humbled by the fact that the person who literally pulled Taylor's fat out of the fire that evening was...

The Executive Director of the Atlantic Jewish Council.

This has just made my day.

Isn't it also interesting that the Canadian Jewish News also gave more air time to Taylor's remarks about the debate cancelled by Dal than the news media. Its pretty bad commentary on the media when an interest group opposed to that Taylor clown is willing
to be more objective.
Big time Kudos to Jon Goldberg (the guy who intervened on Taylor's behalf) for the following comments - which are spot on the issue:

Goldberg continued. “He was here legally. He hadn’t broken any hate laws. But he’d probably die if he knew a Jew saved his neck.” ...Goldberg said he’s familiar with Taylor’s views, which he finds abhorrent, but he said the protesters were wrong to physically usher the speaker out of the meeting room...“Unfortunately, unless he breaks [Canada’s] hate-crime law, it’s a free country,” Goldberg told the Chronicle Herald after Taylor tried to speak...
What Taylor has done is “incite these people to violence, which will make him a martyr,” Goldberg said. “The best thing you could have done was to ignore the guy.”

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