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And Don't Stab Nobody, Neither...

Is a reminder to politicians in Nova Scotia necessary at this point?

Way to go, Ernie, you ruined it for everyone. Take your bottle and go home.

While I understand the optics of wanting to demonstrate to the people of the Halifax Regional Municipality that city councillors are responsible representatives of the public, I can't say I'm impressed at the transparently ham-fisted manner in which the Mayor has done it. What it lacks in subtlety, it makes up for in blatant showmanship.

I wonder, if you were a closet arsonist, would you be crossing your fingers that the Mayor didn't list that one as 'taboo'?

The best and most effective way of proving you are a responsible representative is not to fuck up in the first place. Mayor Kelly has just placed his City Council under close scrutiny, and even a minor mistake is now likely to be blown out of proportion.

It's not enough to say you're good, you actually have to be good. Eventually.

From what I read in that article, the message sent out by Kelly was in an internal email, which implies to me that he didn't want it made public. For subtlety, what else could he do?

It's pretty innocuous in any case.

Yeah, but I was bored.:)

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