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Oh Yeah - There's No Comparison Between the Two...

But this was on CNN's Website earlier.

There must be a mischievous little squirrel at CNN, what with this and the Obama/Ossama thing last week. It must be a fun intern post.

On the topic of Vietnam/Iraq comparisons, check out this for a Iraq/WWI comparison. Interesting read.

Yeah, well - what can you expect from a network that passes Glenn Beck and Nancy Grace off as journalists?

Vietnam has become the failure benchmark in relation to America and armed conflict. I suppose WWII would be the other end of the sliding scale.
Objects and events need context, which is often oversimplified. They seem to follow what the culture considers important, as in Europe, the same idea might be compared to Napoleon in Moscow, or the old standby, Waterloo.
It's not unlike positive things having their worth established on a scale relative to the breathtaking human accomplishment of 'sliced bread'.
Nice catch, Dan.

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