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Charity Begins at Home

Or at least it does for former First Lady Barbara Bush - who recently donated to the Katrina Relief Fund, with the stipulation that the money has to go to a software company run by her son Neil.

Now, there's nothing wrong with Mrs. Bush trying to help out her son - that's the sort of thing that parents do all the time. I'm sure every reader out there has gotten a bit of aid from their folks at one time or another - of course, they didn't get tax breaks for it.

Udate: Neil isn't the only family member to benefit from tragedy, as the LA Times report George's uncle William is in the process of raking in $2.7 million from the sale of a company that profited from the war in Iraq. Does anyone else think the Marie Antoinette-ization of America is coming along nicely?

Let them eat...shit.

I hate it when some one donates money to a good organization but puts strings attached to it. The people who run the organization are usually more informed as to the best place to direct funds to facilate the betterment of the cause. They don't need some tax-evading lard-ass telling them how to do their job. As a caveat, I really have not heard much in the line of faux-pas done by the former first lady and I am sure she has done wonderful things in the past. However, this does not excuse her actions on this one.

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