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Encore performance?

Indonesia has officially withdrawn its diplomats from Australia in protest of the Aussies' granting asylum to some 42 Indonesian men, women and children fleeing alleged persecution in the province of Papua.
Indonesia firmly denies that persecution is occurring - despite the fact that an independence movement has been gaining momentum there recently. As we know, Indonesia's government has not been known to react with tolerance to desires for independence - Anyone else remember East Timor?
The denials sound hollow, the theatrical protests specifically engineered to satisfy the desire not to annoy the U.S., a long-time ally. If the situation is not what it seems, why has the government not allowed journalists into the area for quite some time? Why has it felt the need to send in the notorious Indonesian Police Mobile Brigade, a model of a brutally repressive goon squad?
Recently, thousands of students were injured in clashes with police. The injured were forced to flee into the mountains to fend for themselves, or die trying.
Is is because they are a U.S. ally that we don't hear about this?
Maybe Sir Paul and the Mrs. could see their way clear to hug a few Indonesians sometime soon. Hopefully very soon.

And you will hear less and less of these things as the China star rises in the geopolitical east. The US will quietly back governments like Indonesia without regard to the their human rights records or political inclination.

Oh that's been going on for decades - look at all the regimes the U.S. backed, simply because they were 'Anti-Communist' - Chile's Pinochet, the Phillipine's Fernandos Marcos, South Africa's Apartheid regime - it's just business as usual.

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