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The Dark Side of the Celebrity Activist

As a followup to Flash's most excellent post on Brigitte Bardot's stand against the seal hunt, I've found this informative piece on Ms. Bardot, pointing out the downside of getting a celebrity to push your cause - sometimes, they're not very nice people. As the piece points out, not quite two years ago, Bardot was fined in a Paris court for inciting racial hatred, stemming from her 2003 book 'A Scream in the Silence' in which she attacked Muslims, inter-racial marriage, women in government, and homosexuals. In fact, Bardot's been fined 4 times since 1997 for inciting racial discord. And her politics ain't too palatable either - she's a longtime supporter of Maurice Le Pen's right-wing anti-immigrant National Front party, in fact her husband was a Party executive at the time. In short, Bardot may love animals, but she's not too crazy about human beings - in fact, maybe that's why she's so fond of the seal pups - after all, they're white.

Now, there may well be people reading this who are opposed to the seal hunt - good for you - I may disagree with you, but it's your opinion and you have a right to hold it. All I ask is that it be an informed opinion - that you research, that you dig, that you not take the word of the celebrite du jour on the facts, that you not take the word of anyone at face value. And if you're truly opposed to it - ask yourself "Is this the person I want speaking for me?" If not, I suggest you email Paul Watson and demand that he do a little more research on his spokespeople.

Thanks, Dan, for the compliment.
I had no idea she was this grotesque - the fact that journalists will listen to her at all should be a point of shame for the profession.

What has not been said is the people of Labrdor depend on this hunt for a source of income. There is not much else to do.

It's interesting that none of these people think about the ramifications of not sealing.

And where were they when thousands of them died on the beaches of the Northumberland Strait this winter when the young drowned in a storm after they had to be born on shore because of poor ice conditions. Hell, Paul's got a good back - he could have spent a few days heaving baby seals back on the beach.

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