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President Russ Feingold?

If you are American and think that sounds ridiculous, you must be a Democrat. The Republicans apparently have realized that Feingold might be that rarest of hybrids - a Democrat with balls and they are worried that he might pick up some legitimacy after his attempt to censure Bush. For proof, check out the attack ad over at www.gop.com (click on "Listen to the Latest Radio Ad"). They've brought out the big guns. Okay, well, gun - "911".

I am sure that the Necropublicans would far rather face someone like Hillary at the ballotbox, and I'm equally sure that the DLC would prefer they did, too.

Just for the record, I'm still guaranteeing a Democrat loss in '08, but if they happen to go with someone like Feingold, I might change my mind.

I feel dirty for clicking that link.

I had the chance to interview Feingold last year. The fact that a U.S Senator would take time to talk with a nobody like me, right after doing Meet the Press says alot about what Feingold represents. If Gore stays out of the race, Feingold will be a force.

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