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Michael Smith, dog torturer...

will apparently be available to perform his own special brand of dog tricks at birthday parties, bar mitzvah's, and weddings in six months. I hear he does some special stuff for stags, too; check him out.

Well done, American military "justice" system. You have proven to the Iraqi people the relative worth of life. You have proven to the Iraqi people that they will be tortured and their torturers will walk away essentially scot free.

Is anyone in this government thinking? I mean, haven't you heard that you're supposed to be trying to "win the hearts and minds"?

Well done, indeed.

All I can say is it's too bad the dog wasn't a pit bull. The image would have made a great Ontario campaign poster. As it is, it may come in handy if we ever ban American soldiers. I'd be fine with that, as long as current American soldier owners were allowed to keep their pets, provided they wore a muzzle, and were leashed at all times. Only American soldiers born 9 months after the ban goes into effect would have to be euthanized. It's a complicated policy, but Ontario will be a much safer place as a result.

T.O. Crime

Well, in all fairness, just from my understanding of the Canadian Military Justice System (and from what I know, the American one is similar), I'll point out two things:

1. There is a vast difference between six months in a military prison and six months in a civilian one.

2. Once this guy finishes his six months, he'll be drummed out of the Service with a Dishonorable Discharge, which is a pretty harsh punishment for any soldier - plus unless I'm wrong he forfeits any pension he might receive.

I'll agree, that perceptually it looks like a light sentence, and that either the Army didn't do a good job of getting their point across or the media didn't do a good job of reporting it - probably a mixture of the two.

The fact that he got six months after being found guilty of charges that could have netted 8 1/2 years is ridiculous, though, no matter where he spends it. He got what amounts to a slap on the wrist, pension or no.

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